My name is Kurt. My fiance, Jenny, and I love to eat. We also enjoy cooking, when we have time. Our oven is broken, and so is our microwave, so we decided to grill every day for the next 365 days.

I’m sure we’ll buy an oven sooner or later, because good baked chicken with crispy skin is the best thing you can ever eat. But for now, we want to give this a shot. Of course, we have no idea if anyone will be paying attention.

Because of that reason, for now, we won’t post recipes of the food we prepare, just simple summations. Also, we pretty much eyeball most of what we cook. If any readers want to know more about ingredients, techniques, or actual recipes, simply comment, and one of us will post a proper recipe, complete with preparation times and lists of ingredients with amounts.

We think this will be a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoy it too.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. explodyfull says:

    Good luck! sounds like your first day was a great start! I will be back to see what else you make 🙂

    I also eyeball things when I cook – it’s all about making it up as you go right?

  2. So tell us about your grill (gas or charcoal, etc…). Also, are you doing this out on a deck, in a garage? How do you plan on grilling in the really cold weather?

    This is an awesome idea!

    • We have a charcoal Weber grill. It’s illegal to use a charcoal grill on our back deck, so we use a private sidewalk area. For the colder months we are buying a heat lamp and will just have to bundle up. I’ve (Jenny) have grilled in the snow before. Thanks for taking an interest in our project!

  3. That’s cool! Not you your predicament of a broken oven, but your resolve to live the good life out on the grill. I wish you luck! We grill year around as well, and it’s just plain fun. People think you’re nuts, but oh well. And good for you using charcoal over gas, as I and many others would have it no other way. Indeed, good to see other lovers of the grill and outdoor cooking. You must have a commendable stash of charcoal at your beckon!

    • We recently bought a new oven which is making our project harder, with the cold weather and everything. Yeah, I’m pretty sure some of our neighbors think we’re nuts but hey, I love grilled food!

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