Day One Hundred Thirty Seven: NY Strip…Yeah

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February 8, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

029Tonight was the annual company Christmas party at Liar’s Club, which tend to get a little out of control, to put it lightly.

I actually reeled it in a little bit this year, which still isn’t saying much.

Really, it’s just me saying I wasn’t the most obliterated employee there; i.e. didn’t (I don’t think) say anything too inappropriate, fall on my face, sing karaoke poorly, or take dangerous advantage of an open bar.

Pound for pound, I was well-behaved.

However, I did commit the ultimate crime, which was burning a perfectly good steak.

I didn’t get home until around 2:30, at which point, Jenny was also arriving.

The grill was hot, so I put the steak on.

We got a really cool salt from our friend Megan, which we tried at her place on Jenny’s birthday.

So, I wanted to season a steak with it.

Red meat loves salt, just like fish loves lemon.

So, I was catching Jenny up on the Liar’s Club debauchery when I remembered that I put the steak on quite a long time ago.

Maybe fifteen minutes.

This was the first out-and-out screwup I’ve had during this project.

It wasn’t inedible; it was medium-well.

Which is far more cooked that the two of us prefer.

We were both starving though, so we ate the charred animal while Jenny called me an idiot.

Steak is her favorite food, and I had ruined it.


Sorry Jenny.

Maybe we’ll give this another try.


P.S. I didn’t get any photos because the steak looked awful and I honestly just forgot, sorry.

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