Day 132- Bite Sized Steak Sandwich

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February 6, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

042Today was Kurt’s Birthday!! We met up with our power couple Cynthia and Daniel; they’ve been over for two grilling projects. We went to Trenchermen in Wicker Park.

Very gorgeous restaurant, was an old Turkish bath house. The valet guy was kinda weird, just pacing outside the building and constantly glancing in at us!

Us being the mature young adults in our late 20’s laughed, jumped and acted awkward every time he peered in. Hey, you’re still a kid until you have a kid, right?

2011 snow storm

2011 snow storm

It was lightly snowing outside but nothing like two years ago. Two years ago on Kurt’s birthday just he and I had a romantic and wonderful dinner at Blackbird. By the end of our meal the snow was falling and the snow would turn into the 2011 Snow Apocalypse!

Chicago’s worst snow storm in like 60 years or since the 60’s, who cares.

Back to 2013.

We were very full after our dinner and went home to watch our shows. Sadly the only new shows that got taped were Top Chef and Suburgatory.

buttered bread036After lounging for awhile Kurt got the grill started and I started preparing the dish. We decided to do a little finger food, hanger steak with melted provolone topped with pickled onions open faced on ciabatta bread.

While the coals heated up I melted some butter to brush on the bread and drizzled some truffle oil into the butter.

Next, we grilled the hanger steak rare and brought it inside to slice and put on the bread and top with cheese.

melting the cheese

melting the cheese

We put the bite sized sandwich on the grill and shut the lid, letting the cheese melt. After about two minutes we took them off the grill and topped with the pickled onions.

Mmmm so good but since we were still full we just ate one each, the other two would later become my breakfast!

Stay warm!

K & J

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