Day 131- New Strip with Grilled Bacon Fat Artichokes

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February 6, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

031My friend Georgia was saying how much she loves artichokes. I’ve only had them in spinach and artichoke dip, stuff like that. Today I decided to try out her little favorite.

010I’ve never cooked artichokes before, I heard the thing to do is cut them in half and soak them in lemon water. For once in my life I didn’t have a lemon in the fridge but I did have a lot of bacon fat!

011I boiled them in some water with just a touch of bacon fat. After they boiled for about 15 minutes, I tossed them in salt, pepper, oil, and minced garlic.

Then I put them in the grill, along with my bone in New York strip.

As the artichokes grilled I brushed them with more bacon fat, flipped them, added more bacon fat, and repeated.

034When my steak was done, med rare, I took off the artichokes as well. The middle was soft, but I would have liked a little more char on them. I’ll have to try cooking them again with the lemon water.

Thanks for reading!

K & J

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