Day 125- Garlic Herb Roast Beast with Balsamic Onions


January 25, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

020Growing up, one of my favorite dishes was a baked roast, a.k.a. roast beast! Mom always served it with mashed potatoes, Lima beans and mac and cheese. I tacked on some healthy dishes to go with my roast.

On the grill, balsamic onions; and inside the roast and spinach. After Kurt’s stick to your bones risotto, I needed to go with a healthier side dish. I wanted to make a nice red wine sauce to go with the beef but instead made a horseradish sauce with Dijon mustard and sour cream.

I soaked half an onion in a mix of balsamic vinegar, oil and red wine. For the roast I 018rubbed it with minced garlic, salt, pepper, thyme and oil.

I set the oven to 375 and started the grill. After the onions soaked for about an hour I transferred the liquid and onions 019into some foil to be placed on the grill.

With all the main work done I sat back and relaxed for 30 minutes. The roast wasn’t very large, about 2 lbs, and cooked between 30-45 minutes depending on wellness. I like mine rare so it was done closer to the 30 minute mark.

I really, really, really wanted to make some blue box blues to go alongside my roast beast but it would have pushed me over My Fitness Pal 021daily calorie intake.

Ah, self control.

Since I did not have mac n cheese I had a small glass of wine instead. The meal was quick, easy and very filling. Only about 620 calories, without the wine. Not bad for a red meat dinner packed full of flavor!

Thanks for reading!

K & J

2 thoughts on “Day 125- Garlic Herb Roast Beast with Balsamic Onions

  1. Sitting at work, early on a Friday….not a good article to open. YUM! Looks amazing. GOod Job!

  2. Always something to look forward to when you’re done for the day, FOOD!

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