Day One Hundred Twenty: Chicken Tacos


January 24, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

033So, we had chicken legs in the freezer.

Who knew!?

Kurt and Jenny like cooking chicken??

We like cooking chicken.

As I’ve stated before, Jenny prefers white meat, and I the dark.

038Unfortunately, Jenny had started getting sick. The flu season is in full swing here in Chicago.

So, when I suggested grilling, then shredding chicken legs for tacos, she agreed.

Maybe it was the Nyquil.

Or maybe it was her hunger.

Or maybe a bit of both.

037While the legs were cooking, I shredded some green cabbage, sliced jalapenos and red onions, and picked cilantro.

Jenny reminded me that we had a can of chipotle peppers, so I pureed those with some mayo in our crappy food processor.

Once the chicken was shredded, we made tacos with some wheat tortillas.

036I didn’t get a finished photo of the tacos because, frankly, we inhaled them.

Quite alright.



2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred Twenty: Chicken Tacos

  1. “Frankly, we inhaled them”

    I know your troubles here!

  2. Hahaha, love a good taco!

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