Day One Hundred Eighteen: Ribeyes with Grilled Fennel

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January 19, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

032If you’ve read this blog thing at all, you know that Jenny and I love steak.

I never thought I’d meet anyone that loved steak more than myself, but then there was Jenny.

Ribeyes are our weapon of choice.

They have nice, marbled layers of fat.

Because we don’t want to duplicate any dishes, AND we can’t stop cooking ribeyes, we’re constantly trying to think of easy sides or variations to add so that we can keep feeding our addiction.

This week it was grilled fennel, which I actually love.

030“Do I like fennel?”, Jenny asked as I was slicing said root vegetable.

“You’ve had it.”

“OK, well I hope it doesn’t suck.”



I tossed the fennel wedges with oil, salt and pepper, and grilled them alongside the ribeyes.

It was an easy, delicious dish.

Oh, and Jenny got to gnaw on the bones while we watched TV.

It was a good time.

Eat meat, everyone.


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