Day One Hundred Twelve: Glazed Pork Loin

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January 12, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

011It had been a minute since Jenny and I had guests over.

Having company is good for us.

Cute set up for our guest

Cute set up for our guest

It keeps us from doing anything too complacent or ho-hum, and we get to feed people we like having in our lives.

It doesn’t get much better.

Today, we had Cynthia and Daniel (see BBQ Ribs, Day Fifteen), and our friend Ashley, over as well.

They brought us some good beers, and we cooked some good food.

001This particular pork loin we did in the same vein as before (see day 22), but this time rosemary was included, and the loin got glazed with a honey/stone ground mustard mixture, which gave it a great crust.007

Oh, and we got the loin at Gene’s Sausage Market (greatest place on Earth). It had been too long since we’d been.

Since I made the bacon-braised cabbage a few weeks ago with pork chops and they were so good together, I figured I should make it again.

I meant to get a picture of a finished plate, but I waited forever to start grilling, and we were all starved, so we devoured it before a proper photo op presented itself.

Said gifted beers and wines were consumed for several hours; Cynthia and Daniel made their way to the door around midnight, then Ashley did the same around two.

It was a really fun night.

Jenny and I retired soon after, full with drink and pork.

Love you, guys.


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