Day One Hundred!: Worcestershire-Glazed Chicken Wings


January 3, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

003Jenny came home today!

I had to work.

So neither of us had the time to go to the store.

Guess what we had in the freezer!?

Yeah, chicken wings.

How Jenny and I aren’t damn sick of wings, I don’t know.

In fact the last time we were in the car together, we were talking about how we haven’t eaten buffalo wings (at a restaurant) in forever, and how much that sucked.Ho

So I reduced some Worcestershire sauce with some honey in a pan and brushed some chicken wings with it.

The honey made the wings char pretty awesomely on one side, which we both like.

002Sometime charring your food can ruin it (fruits, some vegetables, bread), it really enhances the flavor of some foods; poultry being one of them.

One of the ways we get a good char when we want to is by using a charcoal chimney.

I almost feel as though I’m being presumptuous by assuming that some of you aren’t aware of these things and their awesomeness.

019However, if you aren’t, you should be.

They make lighting charcoal super easy, and save you money you’re not spending on lighter fluid.

I’d seen people use one plenty, but never owned one.

Jenny and I always used the Matchlight charcoal (charcoal that is soaked in lighter fluid).

On July Fourth, we went to our buddy Drew’s place, where he was grilling. He asked if we had a charcoal chimney.

“Nah, we use Matchlight.”

“Oh man,” he replied. “And you guys eat grilled food every day. That’s like smoking. Every day you’re eating the crap that are in those coals because of the lighter fluid.”

I had never thought about it that way, and soon after Jenny and I bought one of our own.

There’s no chemically taste from that terrible ol’ kerosene.

The first time we used it, Jenny said she thought something smelled wrong.

Turns out it was just the lack of kerosene stench we’d associated with grilling for so long.

The food all just tastes better without it.

Give it a shot if you haven’t already.



2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred!: Worcestershire-Glazed Chicken Wings

  1. Love the venerable charcoal chimney, they are pretty awesome.

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