Day Ninety-Eight: Warm Bok Choy Salad

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January 3, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

037Well, hello again!

I made it back to Chicago in one piece.


I was tired, very dirty, and so happy to be home.

I had, after all, had the weirdest, most tiresome Christmas of my life (see Day Ninety-Seven).

I stopped by work on my way home to check in with Drew, have a stiff drink, and grab some ingredients, because the last place I felt like being in that state was a grocery store.

So I grabbed some baby bok choy; a small, leafy vegetable I enjoy very much.

After I had the coals going, I simply split the bok choy in half, seasoned it with canola oil, salt and pepper, and grilled it on both sides for about three minutes, and took it inside.

The leaves had achieved a nice charred crunchiness, while the stalks had softened, but still had a good crunch.

I sliced a red apple, cooked some small pieces of bacon, gently cooked a few pieces of spinach in the fat, and sprinkled some feta on the plate with the other ingredients.

Not bad.



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