Day 102- Steak and Onion Sub

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January 3, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

047I had taken some chicken out of the fridge but wasn’t sure what to do with it. I headed over to Andy’s Fresh Market to figure it out but when I got there they had some nice thick ribeyes!

They never have thick steaks there and they were super cheap, a pack of two for $6.00! I couldn’t resist. Still with the chicken in the back of my mind I grabbed, eggs, buttermilk and bread crumbs for fried chicken.

038Andy’s has these great sub rolls that are made everyday, and I grabbed three. With my sub rolls and thick steaks I settled on making a big juicy steak sub. I had onion, provolone cheese, horseradish and mayo…WHAT I forgot mayonnaise, again!?

041I love a creamy, spicy horseradish mayo with any form of steak on bread. While looking for things to mix with the horseradish I came across some A1 sauce; that would do. A splash of A1 and a couple scoops of horseradish and I had a sauce.

There was a little bit of snow left on the ground. It was kinda pretty.

044I sliced some onion to caramelize on the grill while the steak cooked. I cooked the steak rare. That’s how I like it, plus it would cook a little more when I put it in the oven. After the steak came off the grill I let it rest then sliced it up.

046I smothered the bread with my new A1/horseradish sauce, layered the beef and onions on and covered it all up with two slices of provolone.

With the oven at 350 I popped the subs in until the cheese was melted. Next step, cut in half and eat!

This is probably my favorite sandwich created so far in the blog. Kurt still likes the short rib sandwich the best.001

Thanks for reading!

K & J

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