Day 96- Christmas Eve Dinner- Steak


January 2, 2013 by chicagogrilling365

Sparks Mill Rd

Sparks Mill Rd

I arrived home, Maryland, on Christmas Eve. My aunt Sally picked me up from the airport and drove me to my parents farm. Waiting for me at home were my older brother, younger sister and my mom.

This was my first time home since last Christmas. This year Kurt didn’t come with me but to Little Rock and I’m pretty sure he wished he did( See his upcoming post).

My mom had fresh scallops, shrimp and tons of lump crab meat for our Christmas eve dinner. I had a agreed to make some cream of crab soup but something was missing. My sister and I both wanted steak.

moms horses

moms horses

old window flower pot

old window flower pot

So my bro and sis and I hopped in the car and drove to the Food Lion, yup the grocery store is called Food Lion.

What the hell is a Food Lion?

I starred blankly at the pathetic meat department. Maybe everything was picked over from the holiday but man not a good looking steak in the bunch! I settled on two 2pks of ribeyes.

thin steaks

thin steaks

My brother started the grill and I got my crab soup going. My dad seasoned the steaks for me and when the grill was hot I tossed those scrawny steaks on.

I’m not use to cooking steaks medium to medium well but that’s how everyone wanted it except me and my dad. The steaks were so thin I knew they wouldn’t take long to cook but the first attempt was a fail.

My mom saw a little red and freaked out, back to the grill they went.

dinner is served

dinner is served

My dad kept trying to give me grilling advice as if I’ve never grilled a steak before. Once I sucked all the flavor out of the steaks and cooked them to their med well it was time to eat.

Everyone liked my cream of crab soup except for my bro. He works at a restaurant a couple days a week and prefers theirs, HMPH!

old chair outside

old chair outside

This was probably one of the best Christmas Eve dinners we’ve had in a while. Mom usually makes lasagna and I hate lasagna. We didn’t have a white Christmas but it was a good one.

I only took two photos of the food so I added some of the farm, enjoy!

Happy holidays!

K & J

One thought on “Day 96- Christmas Eve Dinner- Steak

  1. Aunt Sally says:

    Love it Jen ~

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