Day Ninety-Seven: Christmas Day! Steak and (Sweet)Potatoes


December 29, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

026So, I’m originally from Arkansas.

Jenny’s from Maryland.

This year, we both decided to go to our own respective cities separately, instead of to one of them together.

She tackled grilling at her folks’ place on Christmas Eve, and I took the responsibility for Christmas day.

Long story short: Arkansas got the most gnarly winter storm it had seen in fifteen years, we lost power, some trees fell down in the yard; one looked liked it was about to fall onto the house and crush the kitchen so I walked with my family to a powerless La Quinta at midnight; we were let in by a delightful woman named Brandi, and stayed there for the night, which was kind of like The Shining without axes, and my brother and I drank a lot of beer.

All in all a decent Christmas.

020My mom got me an awesome knife.

Oh yeah, I cooked dinner at around six when the storm was in full swing and it was awesome.

Ribeyes and sweet potatoes.

023My dad helped.

It was pretty cool.

Even if it was a gas grill.

The potatoes got brown sugar and butter, the steaks got A1 for a few of us, and we got ready for the storm.

Hope you all had a good Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Seven: Christmas Day! Steak and (Sweet)Potatoes

  1. That certainly is a beautiful looking knife! What an awesome Christmas present 🙂

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