Day Ninety: Whole Chicken

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December 20, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

014Having finally replaced our old oven, Jenny and I are finally back to roasting a whole bird about once a week.

And while I do prefer cold weather, I miss those late June nights when I would get off the train and immediately smell roast chicken coming out of our windows because Jenny knew exactly when to put it in the oven so she could have it on the table right when I walked in because she’s good like that.

So, I found myself with colder temperatures and a Monday night to myself, which meant I had plenty of time to watch rubbish and cook a chicken on the grill.

I thought about doing a spice rub, but decided against it.

I love spice, but nothing makes poultry (or most proteins, for that matter) taste more like themselves, and delicious, like salt (and sometimes) cracked black pepper.

This bird received quite a bit of both.

But not too much.


I wanted to cook all four sides of the chicken on high heat for a few minutes for good grill marks and to start crisping the skin.

After that was done I covered the grill and let that guy go for another 45 minutes.

The skin didn’t crisp quite as uniformly as it would have in the oven, but it was still pretty nice.

Jenny got home from work, an unhealthy amount of horseradish mustard was poured, and we devoured the poor fella.

Just another Monday night.


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