Day Ninety-One: Roast Beef Sandwich with Melted Stuff

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December 20, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

024There’s a sandwich that I badly want to eat at a restaurant called Au Cheval, but it’s way across town, we don’t have a car, we’re busy, we’re lazy when we’re able to be and we don’t spend an obscene amount of money on eating out like we used to.

So I figured I’d do something similar tonight.

The sandwich the aforementioned bistro serves contains fried bologna, dijonaise and American cheese.

Well, I decided to do a sandwich in a pinch at a late hour, so I wasn’t able to procure bologna, but I was able to get my hands on some mediocre roast beef.

020Instead of just doing melty American, I decided to do Swiss as well.

Also, I cooked some red onions down in red wine until they were damn near a paste and piled that on top of the meat stack.

So yeah, a bunch of melted stuff.

I also whisked together some Koop’s horseradish mustard with some mayo and spread a whole mess of it on both buns.

All that was left to do after I had arranged the layered sandwich was place it on the grill and melt everything.

021It was pretty good.

I ate it and could have eaten another.

Hope you all have your Christmas shopping done.

Unlike me.


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