Day 85- Lemon Garlic Sea Bass

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December 14, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

044Tuesday, when Kurt and I picked up groceries from Whole Foods for the nights grilling I grabbed a hunk of sea bass to do on Wednesday. Along with the sea bass I picked up a bag of baby spinach, love my spinach.

While in the seafood section I also noticed some seasoning, a garlic lemon seasoning and picked that up.  I really enjoy cooking fish in the casket iron pan but never seem to get it hot enough before adding the fish, tonight was no exception.

on the warm grill

on the warm grill

I thought 15 mins would be enough time to get the skillet good and hot, wrong! The butter melted slowly but I already the fish out and it was cold outside, so I just threw it on. I decided to wait another ten minutes and then shut the lid.

the messiest room

the messiest room

I had a long day of cleaning the condo and didn’t feel like manning the grill. Kurt asked if I wanted him to grill but after having cooking all day he should come home and lounge.

After I shut the lid for ten minutes I took the fish off but I didn’t quite get the skin as crispy as I wanted. I put the skillet on the stove for about three minutes and got the crispiness I wanted.

The spinach only takes about a minutes to cook, along with some snow peas from

yum time

yum time


Now, I was already to eat!


K & J

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