Day Eighty-Two: Broccoli and Cheese

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December 12, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

029Broccoli and cheddar.

What a combo.

No matter how you jam it, the results are probably going to be awesome.

They were today.

Broccoli just needs a quick steam. I removed the stalks from a head, dropped them into a stock pot, added a cup of water, and put them on the grill with a lid on the pot.


While the broccoli cooked I made a simple cheese sauce on the range.

I melted butter, added flour in three stages until incorporated, then cooked the roux for about three minutes on low heat.

I added milk until I had a nice consistency and let that get thick.

Then I shredded some good cheddar and folded it in with some salt until it tasted like deliciousness.

028Into the colander the broccoli went, then onto the plate, then under the sauce.

It was good.

I knew it would be.

Love you guys.


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