Day Eighty-Three: Eggplant

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December 12, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

037 OK, not gonna lie.

Felt pretty not awesome today.

I eventually decided to get out of bed and walk around Lincoln Square like some kind of lifeless shell of a human being until I got to Jewel.

Then I walked around Jewel like some kind of a lifeless shell of a human being until I picked up a lone eggplant for some reason and paid for it while simultaneously being asleep I think, then at some point got back on the train and went home, where I realized that I was freezing, then put together that it was probably because it was 35 degrees out and I had been severely underdressed.

However, the cold night air had rejuvenated me (I like cold weather).

I just did not feel like doing anything creative or time-consuming.

036I sliced the eggplant into about ten pieces, tossed them with canola oil, seasoned them  and grilled them on both sides for three minutes.

They were fine.

Nothing special.

It was eggplant. I can’t believe I’ve done vegetables two days in a row. Granted, yesterdays vegetable had an artery-clogging amount of cheese sauce on it, which was awesome, but still.

Sorry for such a boring post.

Better stuff to come.



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