Day 81- Bacon Fat Onion Cheese Burger

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December 12, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

015The title pretty much sums up this juicy dish. It’s a bacon cheese burger topped with onions cooked in bacon fat.

After I got done setting up my booth at Local Goods Chicago, (check out their site at I went to a market close to home.

I wasn’t sure what to cook so I just walked around until

oink oink

oink oink

something popped out at me.

After staring at the meat counter for a bit I went with ground beef, for a cheese burger. I knew we had some cheese singles at home and there’s always an onion somewhere.

All I needed now was some buns and bacon, I forgot to buy lettuce and tomato. Oh well, two less things getting between me and the beef.

Pickles and onion shinning through

Pickles and onion shinning through

After I cooked the bacon I decided to cook the onions in there, and what a great idea it was! The smaller onions got very crispy and snackable while the larger chunks were soft and packed with bacon flavor!

For my meat I mixed in large chunks of onions, pickles, Worcestershire, salt, pepper and oil. It looked weird, especially with the pickles but tasted delicious.

Once the  burgers were about rare to medium rare I added my topping. I wanted to use the cheese to keep everything together. I added the bacon and bacon fat onions, then put the cheese over the top.

cheese blanket

cheese blanket

I closed the lid on the grill and waited about three minutes for the cheese to melt. Then I took them off, spread some jalapeno mustard on the bun, topped it off with more pickles and I was ready.

lets eat!

lets eat!

I also picked up a small bag of Lays potato chips; gotta have chips with a burger.

Oh, and a can of coke, gotta have a can of coke with a burger.


K & J

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