Day 79- Sticky Cilantro Wings

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December 8, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

017Well, by judging how I felt when I woke up today I am quite surprised that I was able to grill. Kurt thought it was the vodka and Megan the taco dip. But after some rest the pain in my stomach went away and I was able to face the day.

Kinda, I laid in bed and watch Frasier most of the day and didn’t leave the house till 5:30 for Chinese.

I took out some wings earlier in the day to thaw out. I thought that we had a bottle of teriyake sauce, I wanted to make some sweet sticky teriyake wings. Instead I just threw a mix of cilantro, honey, salt, pepper, rice vinegar and oil and hoped for the best

I must say this warm December weather is making it quite easy to be grilling outdoors. At this rate we’ll just have to make it through January and February.

And then it started to rain…

016I started cooking the wings in foil first to soak up the small marinade I made. After ten minutes I put them directly on the grill.

I let the coals sit too long and was afraid my wings wouldn’t cook properly but I underestimated the power of charcoal and ended up with a nice char.

Now it’s one am, Kurts home and we are ready to eat and watched are Wednesday nights recorded shows. I heard this weeks Criminal Minds was a good one!

Thanks for reading.

K & J

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