Day Sixty-Nine: Bone-In Chicken Thigh


November 28, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Chicken again!?!

Yeah, chicken again.

You wanna take this outside?

Didn’t think so.

Anyway, after Jenny and I had lunch in Lincoln Square, I wandered over to Gene’s (greatest place on Earth) to see what I could see.

Jenny wanted wine.

I wanted something for dinner.

Although we’re always cooking chicken in excess, and we’re painfully aware of that fact, I couldn’t ignore the huge bone-in chicken thighs. They looked super fresh.

So I grabbed one along with an Asian pear, though I can’t say why. It’s still in the fridge. The pear, not the chicken. The chicken is in my stomach.

I did a simple spice rub on the thigh.

While it was on the grill I made a spicy mayo.

Mayo, Sriracha, spicy mustard. Done and done.

And then I decided I wanted a fried egg.

I’m always looking for an excuse to use the cast-iron.

So while the chicken rested, I plopped some (a ton of) butter in the skillet on the grill and dropped an egg into it for about a minute.

There are few foods a fried egg won’t make better.

Hell, give me a cupcake with an egg on top and it’ll disappear with the quickness.

Let’s eat.


2 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Nine: Bone-In Chicken Thigh

  1. Chase says:

    That is complete domination of a species.

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