Day Fifty-Seven: Crab Legs.

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November 15, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Jenny and I love crab.

We’ve eaten a ton of it together, and cooked at least a hundred pounds together as well.

Jenny’s from from Maryland. Blue crab is the gospel in those parts.

You can’t get it in Chicago unless you fly a whole mess of them in for a lot of money, almost kill them all by over-icing them, then drink a ton of beer and end up cooking the almost-ruined Blue Crabs perfectly and having the best night of Summer ’10.

Not that we have any experience with that or anything.

But the unavailability of Blue Crab doesn’t keep us from enjoying Alaskan King.

We’ve always steamed them with water, apple cider vinegar, and a ton of Old Bay.

Today, we hit the raw legs with Old Bay, and threw a ramekin of butter on the grill to melt next to the crab.

We put the lid on the grill to bake the crab, flipped them after four minutes, cooked them for four minutes more, and they were ready.

They took on more flavor from the coal than I had expected, and the shells were easier to crack than when they’re steamed, which made it easier for us to stuff ourselves.

Really stuff ourselves.

Tonight certainly won’t be the last time we grill crab.

Believe it.


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