Day Fifty-Four: Creme Brulee (sort of)

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November 14, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

So, I’m not really a big dessert person.

I like salt.

Probably because I like beer.

Anyway, I don’t eat sweets very often.

However, desserts aren’t commonly associated with grilling, which is why I felt like giving one a shot.

Jenny and I have talked several times about doing different desserts on the grill, but we’ve been hesitant to try.

We just want to eat steak all the time.

But I got done with work and didn’t feel like walking to the store, then taking the train, blah blah blah; just me being lethargic as usual.

So I thought about what I had in the pantry at home.




OK, it’s gonna be a dessert night.

I’ve made custard in the oven quite a few times.

I figured I could do one on the grill with the lid on, which would essentially be the same thing.

I whipped the sugar and eggs, then heated the cream and poured it into the egg mixture.

I thought we had some fresh rosemary (we didn’t), which I planned to steep in the cream.

Oh well.

I had enough mix to make two servings (“hope Jenny’s hungry when she gets home!”)

Custards must be cooked in a water bath.

So I filled two ramekins with the custard mixture, placed said ramekins in the cast-iron skillet (I can’t stop using that thing), and put the skillet on the grill.

Then I poured some water into the skillet.

I knew this would take a long time, so I didn’tĀ monitor the brulees very closely.

I watched some garbage on t.v. for awhile, then checked on the desserts.

They were almost done.

Traditionally, the custard would be placed in the refrigerator for a few hours, after which it would get coated with sugar and glazed with a torch.

However, for some reason, the top of the custard got caramelized on its own on the grill.


Very cool, because I don’t have a torch at home.

Still, I was skeptical.

Jenny got home just as I was putting them in the refrigerator to cool down.

“How are they?” she asked.

Don’t really know. They might be bad; they cooked really strangely.

“Oh. Well, OK.”

About an hour later, we pulled them out and tasted them.

What the hell?

What the hell is this!

They were perfect.

Really good.

Smooth texture, and sweet, but not too sweet.

And I had already planned on trying it again next week.

Well, no need.

Though I would like to have some rosemary next time.


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