Day Fifty-five: Pancakes.

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November 14, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

I don’t know how you guys live and eat, but I haven’t eaten breakfast food before noon in years.

Unless you count five a.m., before I’ve passed out watching (probably) Twin Peaks or Arrested Development.

Still, breakfast food is very close to my and Jenny’s hearts.

We can often be found cooking bacon and eggs at any given time of the day (besides the real morning).

One of Jenny’s favorite activities is giving me crap, which is sometimes funny to me, and always hilarious to her.

Pretty much every time I wake up in a bad/exhausted mood, she says things like “OK, I’m going to need a rubber ducky, some new flip-flops and definitely some bacon and eggs!”

Pancakes is one of the items long included in these silly diatribes.

So today, she finally got pancakes.

I used the cast-iron skillet again (of course!).

No pancake mix here, kids.

“Made from scratch!”

I like how making pancakes from scratch sounds so cavalier. It’s butter, flour, cream, and baking soda.

You know the deal.

Butter in the pan.

Griddle it until golden on one side, then flip it and throw butter and syrup on it and eat the hell out of it.

Or throw honey on it because you’re me and you don’t have syrup on hand.

Or just do whatever you want to it because they’re pancakes, not Nazi Germany, so just enjoy it.

Later, guys.


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