Day Forty-Nine: Glazed Apples with Feta


November 8, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Apples, cinnamon and pumpkin, feta.

Jenny and I got home late and realized we had precious little in the fridge.

Well, that’s not true. We always have a ton of stuff in the fridge, but most of it is really random stuff.

Like Sriracha and two kinds of Jones Soda and half a red onion and leftovers and pickled onions and every salad dressing ever made by anyone and five different mustards because we need them man and some old cilantro and McClure’s pickles that are made in Brooklyn which is weird and…apples.

Granny Smith.

Just grill some apples, says Jenny.

Yeah, ok. But what else?

We had some pumpkin ale slinking around in the back of the fridge.

Alright, so there’s the marinade.

I sliced the apple crosswise; you know, so the centers look like stars.

I poured the beer over the apples and added some cinnamon and honey.

I got excited because I thought we had blue cheese and blue cheese is awesome with apples, but it was actually feta. Eh, it would have to do.

After thirty minutes, I strained the marinade into a pot and placed it on medium heat on the stovetop to make a glaze.

I grilled the apple slices until they had good grill marks, about five minutes, then flipped them. I brushed the glaze on the slices, top them with feta cheese, and closed the grill lid to soften the cheese.

Wish I had had blue cheese for those guys. It would have melted much better.

Life goes on.

I meant to crack some walnuts and add them to the dish, but Jenny and I got into a serious conversation, and I just started eating.

Pound for pound, the apples were pretty good.

I definitely want to do this dish again with a few more components (including said blue cheese and walnuts) and make it look fancy or whatever.




7 thoughts on “Day Forty-Nine: Glazed Apples with Feta

  1. Oh man I wish I could eat cheese! This looks amazing!

  2. sybaritica says:

    Mmm … I love raw apples with cheddar …. this looks amazing!

  3. Katie Dey says:

    Oh my gosh, grilled apples and cheese. This looks so delicious. I love grilled fruits. And cheese, but who doesn’t?

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