Day 45- Dill Garlic Salmon


November 3, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

This was a super simple salmon dish, mainly because I bought it pre-seasoned at Whole Foods. Yesterday after going to the gym I ran over to Whole Foods.

I couldn’t resist grabbing one of their pre-portioned salmons with dill and garlic. So the next day I simply started the grill and put the salmon on. I added a little lemon on to because I love lemon.

This was a great meal to cook for people who don’t know how to cook but want to make people think they can. All the work is done for you, just cook.

Thanks for reading!

K & J

8 thoughts on “Day 45- Dill Garlic Salmon

  1. I was so distracted by how amazing that salmon looks that I almost didn’t notice your super cute owl plate 🙂

  2. Chase says:

    One thing that household is not lacking, owls. You would think Jenny is sponsored by tootsie pops or avian college professors.

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