Day 36- Steak and Veggies

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October 26, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

steak with veggies

After Tuesday night I needed a giant steak! Last night was my best bud Rita’s engagement party. Perfect party, great friends, food, live music and booze!

Maybe too much booze…I had quite the headache this morning. To make matters worse we hired a guy to paint our living room and was here from 10am-4pm! Not to mention he did a horrible job and we have to get someone else to fix it.

So, I was stuck in the house all day with no food, a hangover and a fat dude painting. When I was finally free I went straight to whole foods. I was starving so I bought a ton and wanted to eat all of it!

To my surprise is was gorgeous out, I mean 75 and sunny kinda gorgeous. Out of all the proteins I bought I decided to cook the thick ribeye. What could be better on a warm Fall day?

With the steak I grilled some asparagus and sauteed some mixed veggies. Then, I topped the steak with some of Kurt’s pickled onions. I had a little rootbeer to go with my meal, not as tasty as it was described on the box.

Well, thanks for reading!

K & J

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