Day Thirty-Five: Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

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October 25, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Hey, guys.

Sorry the posts have been somewhat few and far-between.

We’ve been busy.

Today, we had to move all of our furniture into the kitchen.


Except the guy didn’t show up, so we just climbed over coffee tables, televisions, bookcases, etc. whenever we wanted to grab something out of the fridge or get to the computer.


Our friend Rita and her fiancee, Jeremiah, were having their engagement party at around six, so we kind of had to scramble.

Since we’d gotten up early, expecting the painter to come by, we just ended up eating a  large lunch then taking a pretty serious nap.

We woke up at five and Jenny said, “cook something, we have to leave.”

Me (pulling on pants): “What do we have?”

Jenny: “Chicken! We always have chicken!”

Right, right. Chicken.

I’ve cooked that before.

We were running late. We had champagne to deliver and wishes to be welled.

Alright, chicken wings in a bowl.

Lemon pepper. I like that stuff.

Salt, too.

I got the coals burning, cooked the chicken wings in eight minutes flat, pulled them off and… We’re late.

No time to eat.

The party was a blast.

A seventy year-old woman proved to be way cooler than me and we ate a ton of Moroccan food and drank too much booze.

Pound for pound, one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.

And there were grown-ups there. Go figure.

Congratulations, Rita and Jeremiah. We love you both.

Sorry we had to do such a slapdash job of grilling, but that’s the way it was. We never said this thing would be glamorous.

The chicken was still pretty tasty the next day. Cold.

Hopefully our schedule next week won’t be so hectic.

Hope you still feel like stopping by.

The coals will be hot. -K&J

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