Day Thirty-three: Chicken Athena

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October 23, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Another Sunday.

Another stop at Newport for a few beers, then off to Jewel as usual.

We had chicken (of course) at home, and lots of it, so I figured I’d try to chisel away at the pollo mountain in our fridge.

I was pretty sure we had balsamic at home (we didn’t), so I bought some feta cheese and a tomato. And I’ll be damned, Jewel didn’t have fresh basil.


Step your game up, guys.

One of the first things I learned to cook when I didn’t know anything at all about cooking was this dish.

It was easy, it tasted great, and I gave it a super stupid name because I’d just started reading Food&Wine magazine, I think.

I hadn’t made it in six years, and it was kind of a nostalgic experience.

I had always made it in the oven, but if you’ve been reading, you know ours is broken.

After hitting Bobby with the door as I walked in, which is pretty normal, I immediately went for the balsamic…


I used the last of it a few weeks ago.

So, plan B.

I laid the two chicken breasts in a bowl and poured sherry wine and Worcestershire in until the breasts were submerged.

Those marinated for about 45 minutes, or as long as it took me to get off the couch and start the coals.

Roadhouse was on t.v. and I’ve only seen it like 45 times, so don’t, you know, hassle me about it or whatever.

I grilled the chicken on one side until charred, flipped it, added a ton of feta and a few tomato slices and covered the grill for about five minutes until it was done.

Just as I was slicing the chicken, Jenny walked in from work.

As far as chicken goes, I prefer dark meat, while Jenny loves the white.

While it’s something we’ll never stop arguing about, it’s actually pretty advantageous when we cook a whole bird, so we never have to fight over it.

For chicken breast, these guys were really juicy.

Jenny approved.

As I was eating and cursing Jewel for not having fresh basil, I remembered that our upstairs neighbors grow their own and Gil even used the words, “help yourself whenever you like.”

Then I just started cursing myself.

I keep cooking really healthy food on accident.

I’ll try to remedy that soon.

Have a great night, everyone.


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