Day 30- Juicy Lucy


October 19, 2012 by chicagogrilling365


We made it one month,if it was a short month, there’s 31 days in October…maybe we’ll celebrate tomorrow.

It was another cold, rainy day and my cold was still here but it didn’t keep me from firing up that grill!

Still with no Zipcard I walked to Andy’s Fresh Market and picked up some ground beef, cheese, buns, a tomato and some onion.Any day now my new Zipcard should be arriving, allowing us to stock up on charcoal and other grilling items.

My meat mix

One pound of ground beef makes about three big Juicy Lucy’s. Oh, whats a Juicy Lucy? It’s a burger that goes by many names but the most popular is the Juicy Lucy. It’s basically a burger with hot, molten lava cheese in the middle.

I’ve never actually made one before but I have worked in restaurants that have sold them. My friend Abby AKA Big Bear prepped them at a place we worked in Baltimore.

top and bottoms

So, mix your meat up with onions, herbs,or whatever you like to season your meat with. Separate it into six even balls of meat, more or less depending on how many pounds you bought.

Cheese in the middle

Next, make a small hole with your thumb in the middle of each paddy, this is for your cheese. Take a big hunk of cheese and mash it into the indentation. Put another paddy on top and press the sides together until they are one.

I started the grill and prepped my veggies while the coals got hot. It had been sprinkling all day but when I go to start the grill the rain had picked up.

It’s amazing how someone can burn down their house with a lit cigarette but it takes forever to start a fire in a little rain, with the help of lighter fluid.

almost done

Once the burgers were charred to perfection came the fun part, choosing my toppings. I like everything on my burger, sauces, pickles, onion, anything I can think of. The messier the better!

Today I went with a homemade horseradish mayo, onion, tomato,pickles and bbq sauce. Mmmm!

A lot of people ask me if I’ve gained weight from eating all this yummy food or everything looks so good but they’re dieting. A lot of the food we’ve grilled aren’t as bad for you as you would think and there are healthier alternatives to each recipe.

For example: Juicy Lucy

busting with cheese

Use lean beef,ground turkey or ground chicken to cut down on fat and calories.

And as for my weight gaining, no, I’ve actually lost weight.

Cooking at home is a lot healthier than dining out, even if you dine out and just order a salad. I used to dine out several times a week, now just once a week, at the most.

Restaurants use way more sodium in their food than you would at home and cook in heavy oils. Plus, at home you can regulate your ingredients, low fat dressings,light mayos, whole wheat bread, organic veggies, ect.

Thanks for reading!

K & J

2 thoughts on “Day 30- Juicy Lucy

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Looks tasty!

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