Day Twenty-six: Ham and Cheese Sandwich


October 16, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Sandwich, halved.

OK, let’s get one thing straight.

Jenny and I are both aware that we don’t blog every day.

Yesterday, my buddy Chase (the guy I cooked duck for) called me up, just as I was finishing up at work and said, “dude, what’s going on? You’re falling behind.”

I know.

Sometimes Jenny and/or I are too tired or lazy to post the daily blog.

But we ALWAYS grill.

Every day.

I know it seems silly that the act of deciding what to cook, how to cook it, firing up the grill, standing outside in the chilly weather, and taking pictures of said grilled item can be easier than writing a silly blog…

But that’s just the way it is.

Especially considering the hours she and I work. When she gets home at three a.m. and I’m just cooling the grill down, I just want to hang out with her.

“Will you take a quick picture, Jenny?” (because she has the cool phone with the cool camera stuff)

“OK. I’m tired.”



“I’ll do the blog tomorrow.”


We committed to doing this thing, and we’ll continue to do it. We could skip a day and you guys would be none the wiser.

But we’re doing this for ourselves, too. There will be no corners cut.

Glad that’s all cleared up.

By the way, Jenny’s beer can chicken was amazing. I ate it cold, like most things she cooks while I’m at work. Still great stuff.

I love sandwiches.

“Who doesn’t?”, as Mitch Hedberg said.

So I made a quick run to Jewel after work and grabbed some ham, colby jack cheese, tomato, and a thing called a Bolillo roll.

Authentic Italian or Spanish bread, I’m sure.

I sliced the roll in half, spread horseradish mustard on one side; put ham, tomato, onion, and cheese on as well, then grilled it on both sides.

I wanted it to be panini-ish; you know, pressed.

But there weren’t any bricks around and the heaviest thing I could find was Bobby, our cat; but I didn’t see using him as a sandwich press turning out so well.

So I just pressed it with my hands, flipped it after it was charred, and pressed it again. It was good.

The ham was OK, but a little too sweet. Sorry for sounding like a ham snob. The sandwich was tasty and I was starving, so it did the job.

I hope you all have a good week.

And Chase, get off my back already, sheesh.


4 thoughts on “Day Twenty-six: Ham and Cheese Sandwich

  1. Chase says:

    Get your lives together! One of you has to be a task master. Fuckin’ hipsters…

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