Day 24- Herb chicken with goat cheese

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October 13, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

all done

It was another great day for grilling: bright blue sky and a warm sun. There wont be many of these days left.

Today I grilled a boneless skinless breast and topped it with a goat cheese sauce and a small spread of red pepper puree. Too bad I have the world’s worst blender to make a puree. I don’t understand it. Things just dodge the blades. Worst of all I just bought it!


Due the thickness of the chicken I was able to get most of my prep done for the sauces while it cooked. For the chicken I just used oil, salt, pepper and some thyme. The goat cheese sauce was very easy to make.

dont buy this blender!

I reduced wine, chicken stock, thyme and oil in a sauce pan. Then, I added the goat cheese and a little salt and pored it over the chicken.

Hope you guys have a nice night.

Buy a good food processor.

-K & J

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