Day 23- Steak Fajitas

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October 12, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

The finished product

Ah, it was a beautiful Thursday afternoon, perfect for grilling, and much warmer than I expected.

Still craving red meat from my flop called steak nachos, I decided to make steak fajitas. This dish wouldn’t need any melted cheese to mess me up.

I went to the store and bought two pounds of skirt steak; a red and yellow pepper, and some chicken to grill tomorrow. I already had an onion and tortillas at home.

Veggies in foil

First, I marinated the steak in some apple vinegar, cilantro and garlic. Then I chopped my onion and peppers. I wrapped them in foil with a little oil, salt and cilantro. I also threw in some of the fat from the steak to add some extra flavor to veggies.

The grill started right away, even with the non match ready coals. I don’t why they make any other kind.

grilling meat and veggies

Right away I put the veggies, wrapped in foil, on the grill. The steak wouldn’t take long to cook. I let them cook for about 10 mins with the lid on before I added the steak.

The steak cooked for about 6 minutes on each side and came out medium rare to medium. When the steak was almost done I put the tortillas on and shut the lid. After a minute or two I brought everything inside.

I let the steak rest a few minutes and then sliced it up! Last, I took large amounts of meat, veggies and sour cream, loaded it on a tortilla and devoured it. This turned out much better than my last Tex-Mex project.

I ended up eating three of these bad boys and taking an hour nap right after.

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