Day 22: Pork loin


October 11, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

So, it’s Wednesday again.

As per usual, as soon as Jenny and I were both awake (I’ll not comment on what hour of the day this usually occurs), she asks, “What do you want to cook?”

It’s kind of our new “good morning.”

And I usually say, “I don’t know, let’s go to Gene’s (greatest place on earth) and see what they have.”

The problem is, they have everything.

So we pace by the meat counter several times, me staring intently with the wheels turning, Jenny usually with eyes glazed over, beginning to salivate.

“Pork loin?”

“We just did pork.”

“But we’ve done steak a lot already.”

“Whatever, grab a number. Whatever you cook will be good.”

I suspect she just wanted to go slap some pumpkins while I figured out the game plan.

The pork loin looked great, and I hadn’t cooked one in a minute.

Oh, and a half pound of the country-style head cheese, please. Not for grilling purposes, just because it’s delicious and fun to eat slices of it while saying to Jenny, “look, I’m eating pieces of pig’s head” and she says “ewww gross, stop it.”

We lit the grill and prepped the loin.

Minced garlic, chopped rosemary and thyme, and salt and pepper. Easy easy easy.

Ready to grill.

When the coals were hot I placed the loin on the grill and seared it on both sides until a nice char had formed, then put the lid on and let it cook for another fifteen minutes.

I then rested it for ten minutes while Jenny made her famous mac ‘n cheese and sauteed a bit of spinach.

The pork was perfect. Very moist, as the resting process allowed it to retain all of its natural juices.

We ate way too much, thus missing our friend Johnny’s band’s set.

Sorry, buddy. I’m sure you guys kicked ass.

Tomorrow the Jenny show starts up again.

Expect something healthy and manageable or a mammoth sandwich for four.

See you again soon.



4 thoughts on “Day 22: Pork loin

  1. Slapping pumpkins? Cuz they make a super fun, hollow sound? Yes. N yes to these pictures. I can SMELL it!

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