Day 17- Spicy Buffalo Chicken Strips


October 5, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Brrr! It’s a high of 50 degrees on this cloudy, rainy October 5th afternoon.

First, I’d like to give a shout to my mom, Happy Birthday!

With our short Fall nearly out of the way and our long,long,long Winter ahead, I bundle up and started the grill.This weather was truly making grilling harder and harder to do.


In celebration of the chest bumping bro sport known as football, I wanted to make something buffalo. I had a skinless boneless breast in the fridge so I cut it up in to strips.

Then I marinated the strips in a blend of spices and oil. It didn’t take more than 5-7 minutes for them to cook on the grill.


Once they were done grilling I tossed them in some hot buffalo sauce and then served with a side of ranch dipping sauce. A side of carrots and celery would also be a nice touch.

ready to eat!

This was a healthier alternative to deep fried strips or wings. There was no breading or messy hot oil.

K & J

3 thoughts on “Day 17- Spicy Buffalo Chicken Strips

  1. Delicious! I am always looking for ways to spice up boring chicken breast meat. Thanks!

  2. jameslepine says:


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