Day Fifteen: Ribs!


October 4, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

So, we’ve been wanting to do pork ribs for awhile.

I love the fall.

The days get darker and shorter, and everything is just better.

The air smells great and feels great.

We open the windows and let that air in.

We cook good food that tastes even better because it’s getting cool out.

We wanted to smoke the ribs on the grill for several hours, but that didn’t happen.

Wednesday is my and Jenny’s only day off together, which means that errands need to get done. Shopping for food, running to the bank, looking for furniture, and in today’s case, eating a bunch of seafood at Fish Bar.

slab of ribs

So we bought three pounds of ribs at Gene’s (the greatest place on earth). To get them nice and tender, we braised them in adobo for an hour and a half. It’s a traditional Fillipino broth made with apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaf, garlic, and whole black peppercorns.

However, as taught to me by my friend Jonny, I also used a good deal of water. Otherwise it is incredibly salty. Our Fillipino neighbor was repulsed when I told him that I use water in my adobo.

Whatever. Otherwise, it’s like a salt lick.

So yeah, another Asian approach. But wait! We made a very American meal.

While the ribs were braising, I made a creamy coleslaw with green cabbage, red onion, carrot, jalapeno, parsley, lite mayo (because Jenny tries to eat relatively healthily, while I do not), and apple cider vinegar.

Fast as lightning chopping

bright veggies for the cole slaw

Since we had guests, our friend Cynthia and our (now new) friend Daniel, we also bought two ears of corn.

Once the ribs were tender, they were placed on the grill and brushed with Rufus Teague’s Smokin’ Hot barbecue sauce. It’s great stuff.

The corn were placed, husk still on, right next to the ribs.

Jenny made her famous mac and cheese. I’m forbidden from giving you the recipe. If you leave a comment, you might get it out of her.

big plate of food!

We put on our bibs, had our wet naps at the ready, and dug in. The ribs were really good, the adobo had flavored them well, and the spiciness of the sauce was nicely rounded out by the slaw.

Daniel and Cynthia

This is a really easy, quick way to do barbecue ribs.

K & J

2 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: Ribs!

  1. PepperBento says:

    Those ribs look amazing, one thing I hate about England is you could never get your hands on meat like this.
    I’m always so jealous of the cuts you guys can get!

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