Day Twelve: Chicken. And more chicken.

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October 2, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Our good buddy Pat made a surprise trip to Chicago yesterday.

He and his wife moved to Buffalo a year and a half ago and we’re always super happy when he comes back for a visit.

We miss him.

Pat! (right)

I had planned on buying groceries earlier in the day, but didn’t get a chance.

So we had to make do with what we had.

What we had was a lot of chicken, as that was what Jenny made the previous day.

Sorry for doing chicken two days in a row. I would say we’ll try to lay off the chicken, but that’s not gonna happen because we love chicken.

So I pulled some chicken drumettes out of the fridge, seasoned them with salt and pepper, and went to light the coals. When I came back, Pat had minced garlic and added it to the bowl.

“Do you have an onion?”

Yes, Pat. I have an onion.

While Pat julienned the onion, I added dried thyme to the chicken.

I turned around to see Pat pulling out essentially every seasoning in the cupboard, which are many.

He was making a spice blend for the onions, which he placed in a thin pan with a little oil and took it outside to place on the grill.

I put the drumettes on the grill and started to smell the onions.

Pat, what all did you put on the onions?

“A lot of stuff. Ummm…cayenne, paprika, onion powder, mustard powder…”

I didn’t know we had mustard powder.

When the chicken was done, we added it to the pan with the onions, stirred it all together, and took it inside to devour.

A little chopped parsley finished it.

Delicious chicken.

Delicious. But not nearly enough to fill the three of us.

“We need more food.”

Yes, Pat. We need more food.

“What else do you have?”

We have two huge chicken quarters.

“Cool, I’m gonna make that same rub again.”

Rubbed chicken.

Rub remade, chicken rubbed, more coals added, and chicken round two was a go.

We got a really nice char on them, and the rub again came out beautifully.

Chicken quarters.

Seconds before being torn to bits.

A spoonful of dijon mustard was served, and the chicken was inhaled.

I love dijon.

There is not a better condiment for juicy chicken.

It was a really fun night. If Pat is a part of your night, it’s always a fun one.

Good to have you, buddy.

Now, let’s see if the Bears can’t bear Romo & Co.


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