Day Eight: Steak Tacos


September 27, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Jenny and I planned to have company tonight. Our buddy Jake would be joining us for a meal.

We had talked about doing pork ribs, but we didn’t get an early enough start to do them properly.

We also discussed doing a whole lobster, as we live near a superb seafood market, but if we wanted to feed more than the two of us, that would be pricey as hell.

On the train ride home, after a moment of silence had passed as we contemplated what to cook, Jenny said, “tacos.”


Cheap, delicious, and really easy.

We actually didn’t go to Gene’s today, which was weird.

We live in a predominately Latino neighborhood, so we knew we could get quality ingredients for our meal at Andy’s Market around the corner. The employees are all super nice and accommodating, like today when they had already wrapped the meat counter, and the butcher still fetched me some skirt steak and offered to trim it.

No thanks. I like the fat.

I got a pound and a half of skirt, along with cilantro, onions, avocados for the guacamole, and a few more ingredients for the marinade.

I originally planned on doing a traditional Mexican marinade, but decided to do another Asian style, similar to the one we made for the pork chops from a few days ago.

It was almost identical, with the addition of Sriracha for some heat, and some lime juice.

Acid is what makes a really good marinade because it penetrates the meat. The lime and the rice wine vinegar did the job well.

As I was making the marinade, Jenny dumped two shots of tequila in the bowl.

Alright then. A point for Mexico.

I reached into the cabinet to grab the honey, and…

I used the last of it for the pork. Back to Andy’s.

On the way I spotted our friend Jake, who was headed to our place with a bag o’ PBR. Always a welcome sight.

After we grabbed some honey and folded it into the marinade, I trimmed some (maybe two ounces) of fat from the steak, cut the steak into five portions, and placed it in the marinade for about an hour.

In case you didn’t read and/or have no intent on reading the pork chops post (even though you should, because they were awesome), I’ll list the ingredients again, plus the three extra ones that were in tonight’s.

Minced ginger, sliced garlic, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey, lime juice, Sriracha, and tequila.

After the coals were hot, we cooked the pieces of skirt steak for about three minutes on each side. Because I left a good deal of the fat on for flavor and juiciness, I was able to get a nice medium-rare temperature despite the thinness of the cuts.

Skirt steak and tortillas

While I rested the steak, we dropped a stack of Milagras corn tortillas onto the grill until they were warm and headed inside.

Cilantro was chopped, onions diced, and limes cut.

Shredded cheese, guacamole, and crema were set out, if that’s what you’re into.

Just cilantro, onions, and a squeeze of lime for me.

But I’ll definitely use the cheese and sour cream around midnight when I make eggs.

The steak came out really well.


The four of us (I’m including Bobby, the cat, who might as well count as another person because he weighs as much as one) sat down to the new episode of Modern Family and ate well.

We like having friends over when we cook. Food brings people together. You all know that. And if the food is really good, everyone is even happier. And if the food is just OK, you can always drink more booze.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather. Wherever you are.

Let’s eat!


3 thoughts on “Day Eight: Steak Tacos

  1. Katie says:

    Well, now I want a taco for breakfast. Yum.

  2. Chase says:

    Save me some of that corn!

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