Day Seven- Steak Chesapeake

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September 26, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

For day seven I made one of my favorite East Coast dishes, The Steak Chesapeake. I didn’t get to make my Summer trip back home to Maryland this year so I brought the coast to me. This dish is typically served with strip steak topped with cold lump crab meat smothered in hot Bearnaise sauce.

Punkin Ale

To add to my little East Coast inspired dish I picked up some Dogfish Punkin Ale, brewed in Delaware, close to where my family vacations. The only place I in Chicago that has decent lump crab is Whole Foods. I should have just grabbed the crab meat and went to Genes for the rest. I ended up spending about $75.00 there to make this dinner, for two…GULP!

I was hoping I could buy a just add milk to this powered Bearnaise sauce, instant Bearnaise sauce, something like that but no such luck. Kurt’s the chef not me, making a classic sauce is not something I’ve done before.

Almost done grilling

I grabbed everything I needed and found a recipe online. After some constant whisking I created an okay sauce, not as thick as I wanted but still tasty.

I wanted to make the sauce first before I did any grilling because I wasn’t sure I’d make it right the first time. So, now with my sauce completed I throw the steak on the grill, seasoned with oil, salt and pepper.

Steak over spinach

With the steak almost done grilling, I sauteed a little baby spinach. I always like to add a vegetable to my dinner. I placed the four cuts of steak on top of the sauteed spinach. Next, add a big hunk of crab to each steak and the drizzle a good amount of Bearnaise on top. Just to make it a little more East Coast style, I sprinkled some Old Bay seasoning on top.

Ready to eat!

So far, this is the most delicious meal I’ve made! I don’t have a proper calorie count or pricing on this. I spent a lot of money on spices for the sauce and had a lot of stuff already. One way or another it’s a pricey dish. The crab meat alone is about $20.

Keep on reading, friends!

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