Day Six: “Chicago style” Brat

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September 25, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

The kitchen still smells like pork and soy sauce today.

I’d have it no other way.

As I mentioned before, Jenny and I had our daily menus planned in advance, but that went out the window pretty quickly. There was no way to predict what we would be in the mood to eat on any given day, weeks prior to those days.

So, while the weather’s still good amazing, we’ve decided to just wing it for now.

Fresh brat from Gene’s

Like every Monday (and Wednesday), we returned to Gene’s Sausage Shop. Did I mention before that it’s our favorite place on earth? Can’t remember.

It’s because they butcher whole animals in house, make pastries in their bakery, have a rooftop deck where they grill their own brats for you to enjoy, maintain an herb garden on said deck, and even make their own head cheese.

They also make about fifteen different styles of those brats. I had tried their German sausage before and it was superb. Today the Chicago Brat caught Jenny’s attention, as did the rows of pumpkins running up the stairwell to the second floor.

Pumpkin Ale

Jenny loves pumpkins. She likes slapping them. I don’t know what her criteria for a good pumpkin is, but she will slap them, several times, silently judging them until she finds an adequate specimen, upon which she will declare, “Yeaaaaah… that’s a good pumpkin.”

It’s weird/cute.

Anyway, we bought the brat, a tomato, and some New Holland Ichabod pumpkin ale. Like I said, she enjoys pumpkins.

I don’t know how widely known the “Chicago Dog” is, but I didn’t know what it was before I moved here.

Spicy Pickles

It’s a dog on a bun. With a pickle spear, peppers, onions, tomato, mustard, relish, and celery salt on it.

And you damn sure don’t put ketchup on it.

Since the brat we chose was a Chicago brat, we decided that it would only be appropriate to do it Chicago dog-style. But a little differently.

For the pickle, we used our favorite pickles on earth, McClure’s. They’re made in Brooklyn, if you can believe that.

So, I guess if you have a mustache, ride a fixed gear bike, and/or have a matching set of suspenders and fedora, you will really like these pickles.

Jenny’s friend/regular customer, Jacob brought her a few baby fresno peppers yesterday, so those were a given.

Chili’s from Jacob

For the mustard, we used Koop’s horseradish mustard. You can find it anywhere.

Instead of raw onion, we used pickled onions that we made last week. They’re delicious, simple, and last forever.

The brat itself was as good as I knew it would be. Slightly spicy and sweet.

Bright pickled onions

If you don’t like encased meats on a bun with a bunch of stuff on top, you’re an idiot.

It was a good day to enjoy a brat on the deck with a pumpkin ale, the sun still out, and the temperature getting lower. I like cool weather, and I really like eating hot food in it. I also enjoy waving to the train conductors as they pass.

Ready to eat

Let’s see if I make it to trivia in time. Have a great night, everyone.


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