Day Five: Pork Chops

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September 24, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Jenny uses a dash for her titles and I use a colon.

Jay Cutler’s attitude is garbage.

Also, my alarm didn’t go off today, which made me two hours late for work.

All in all, it’s Sunday. Again.

Business tonight was slow. I got done early and went to the bar across the street with a few co-workers and ended up staying longer than I should have. I knew I needed to get home to marinate the pork chops. I eventually caught the train after enjoying several adult beverages with said co-workers, Drew and Jen.

By the way, I hope you guys enjoyed Jenny’s big-ass steak sandwich.

She sent me a picture of it while I was at work and I laughed my ass off.

“You didn’t slice it!?” I asked her.

“No way!” she replied. “Fork and knife meal!”

Well, alright then.

I was about to chalk this one up as one of many hilarious Jenny-logics (the catalog is vast) , until I got home and took a few huge bites out of the steak sandwich she had left me. Cold.

Dear god, it was good. The seasoning was perfect and the toppings were great.

I also ate the remains of her kabobs last night and they were also very good. The girl can cook white meat super well, kiddos.

That said, I got home around midnight and made the marinade for the bone-in pork chops. Thinly sliced garlic, minced fresh ginger, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and honey got whisked in a bowl. That bowl then got three bone-in pork chops placed into it.

Marinated pork chops.

For the record, LCD Soundsystem is good musical accompaniment to mince ginger to. Sorry Mrs. Henry, I ended that sentence with a preposition.

The chops that Jenny picked up were unfortunately quite thin. About an inch thick.

Briefly, I want to address a common misconception about pork. Pigs used to live in mud and their own waste. Some, few, still do. However, in all likelihood, if you’re buying your pork from reliable establishments, the cuts of a pig you’re purchasing haven’t been treated in a poor manner. In the last ten years, great strides have been made in the animal farming industry to ensure that the protein we buy is clean.

Sorry for the rant.

On the grill.

That said, pork can be cooked medium-rare to medium.

You’ll live. And you’ll be eating delicious pork.

However, these chops were thin. So to get the amount of char on them that I wanted, they had to be cooked a bit more than I would have liked.

Life goes on.

I removed them from the marinade and salted and peppered them generously on both sides.

I threw them on the grill and immediately brushed them with leftover marinade. That of course made the coals flare and start to char the chops.

Sometimes flare-ups are bad. Sometimes they are just what you want.

After one minute, I flipped the pork chops and repeated the brushing for another minute.

They were medium-well.

That’s fine. They were really, really delicious. To be honest, after the two shots of Jim Beam I’d had at Newport Bar & Grill several hours prior, I wasn’t starving. As soon as those chops hit the grill though, the smell woke my stomach up.

I wanted that pork to be fantastic (that’s a word my friend Jen says doesn’t get used frequently enough), and it was.

I see that some folks have began following this blog. Awesome.

However, I don’t know if anyone is actually cooking anything because of this thing. I’m not offended.

Hey, I get to eat all of this stuff. Whether or not anyone else decides to go along isn’t my problem.


Ready to dig in!

This is so simple. And it really tastes amazing. If you do decide to cook pork chops in this fashion, my only advice would be to combine the marinade ingredients I mentioned, and adjust everything until it is to your liking. If you want a properish recipe, leave a comment with your email address.

Jenny should be home any time. Hope she likes the pork chops.

Hope you do, as well.


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