Day Two- open faced steak sandwich

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September 21, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

For day two of our 365 days of grilling, I chose to do a meaty open-faced steak sandwich, topped with feta cheese, mixed greens tossed in a red pepper mayo, roasted tomatoes, raw red onions and grilled red peppers.  Kurt is at work tonight so it is up to me to do the grilling!

This juicy meal only takes about 45 minutes to make with prep and cooking time. Not only is this sandwich quick and easy to make, but it’s also only about 510 calories (hard to believe when you see the photos)!!

First, I went to our local Whole Foods to gather any items I needed. I bought a 9 oz.  New York strip steak. It’s not my favorite cut of beef, but great for steak sandwiches. Then, I bought the few remaining food items, one red pepper, one glove of garlic, a bag of mixed greens, feta cheese and one ciabatta roll from the bakery. (Total cost $19)

When I got home the first thing I did was set up my prep area and then light the coals on the grill. Then, I began to make my red pepper mayo. I had a chunk of red pepper cooking on the grill as I minced a glove of garlic. After I minced the garlic I added salt to it and mushed the two together. Once the pepper was roasted til tender I removed it from the grill. Taking my minced garlic and pepper I blended them in the processor. Once blended I added a tablespoon of low fat mayo and a squirt of lemon.

Now with the red pepper mayo out of the way I was able to focus on cutting the vegetables and doing some grilling. I sliced and seasoned my peppers and tomatoes, getting them ready for the open flame. Next, I sliced my raw onions and seasoned the steak, oil, salt, and pepper.

I lightly toasted the ciabatta roll face down on the grill, brushed with a light oil. With the bread slightly brown I took it off and added my steak and red peppers. The tomatoes didn’t take long to cook, so I saved them for last. I allowed both the peppers and steak to get a good sear on each side, then added the feta to the steak. I covered the grill just for a few minutes to soften the cheese.

After everything was done grilling, I began to build my sandwich! First layer on the toasted ciabatta was the mixed greens tossed in the red pepper mayo. Next came the grilled tomatoes, topped with raw onions that covered thick slices of red pepper.Lastly, the best part, a huge slab of New York Strip covered in feta cheese!

WARNING- This is a fork and knife sandwich! Hot, messy and delicious! This was my first time making such a sandwich and it turned out great.

The serving size for the meal is two, cost only about $19.00 to make, (not including coal and the grill, duh!) takes less than and hour to make, and most of all only 510 calories!!

Have a great night!

K & J

Grilling the steak topped with feta, rep peppers and tomatoes

Added the mixed greens tossed in red pepper mayo to the cibatta roll

Added the tomatoes and onions

The finished product!

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