Day Three-BBQ Chicken Salad


September 21, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Our favorite brand of BBQ sauce

For day three I am making a delicious BBQ Chicken Salad to take to work with me. I bartend at a bar in the River North area that basically only serves fried food. Hot, delicious fried food. So, by trying not to gain 300 lbs I like to bring a healthier, and just as tasty dinner with me.

As luck would have it, as soon as I went out to light the grill I felt a few raindrops. I just hoped the rain would hold off till I was done.

This will be the most challenging obstacle, as Chicago’s weather is not ideal for grilling. A Chicago Winter last about 8 months!

With the coals hopefully burning I marinated my two large skinless boneless chicken breast in a little oil, BBQ sauce, salt and pepper.  I also started boiling a pot of water for a hard boiled egg.

I dropped my solo egg into the boiling water and placed the largest breast on the grill first. It’s so easy to overcook white meat and dry it out, so I put the largest one on first.

Chopped red onions

While I waited for the chicken and egg to cook, I put my salad together. Using the mixed greens I bought yesterday for the steak sandwich, I got started. Chopped up a little red onion, cucumber, and put my egg in the pot.

The rain was coming down a little harder when I put the second chicken breast on, and I just blew my hair dry; typical. I put the cover on the grill to give the chicken a good smokey taste.

Ready to take off the grill

After I took the chicken off the grill I chopped it up and tossed it on top of the salad. I ended up only using of one of the chicken breasts. They were huge!

The serving size is two (using just one breast, four if you use both). Has only about 500 calories (depending on what dressing you wanna use). Total prep and cooking time is about 40mins. Total cost is about $11 for four servings!

Now I have two great healthy meals packed up and ready to go for my weekend! Sorry tater tots…

BBQ chicken salad packed up and ready to go!

Thanks for reading!

K & J

2 thoughts on “Day Three-BBQ Chicken Salad

  1. The Other Jennie says:

    You have hungry eaters reading this. Keep it coming.

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