Day One: Lamb, asparagus, brussels sprouts


September 20, 2012 by chicagogrilling365

Although Jenny and I planned the first two weeks’ daily menus awhile back, we awoke today with changed minds about the first day. We were going to do a grilled whole fish, which would have been cool, but neither of us were in the mood for seafood today. We decided to see what the market had to offer us. We went to Gene’s Sausage Shop ( new favorite place ever), and saw a nice rack of lamb and had to have it. They have a great produce section, where we saw asparagus (almost out of season) and brussels sprouts adjacent to one another, so we bought a bit of both.

We want to keep most of our food simple and easy to execute. We picked up some fresh mint from the market’s rooftop garden for the lamb and some Applegate Hickory-Smoked Bacon for the sprouts. I had never tasted this bacon, and it was kind of pricey, so when Jenny dropped it in the basket I couldn’t say no.

We ventured into the tempting beer and wine section upstairs, but hell, we still had some good ales and wine at home. Next time, Lagunitas Censored.

We also wanted to pickle some onions to keep in the fridge, because you can put them on virtually anything as a great garnish, they last forever, and Jenny loves them.  So we bought some red onions as well. But those will be for another time.

I separated the individual chops of the lamb rack and marinated them in a little Canola oil, chopped mint, and thinly sliced garlic.

I started the coals outside, then rough-chopped five slices of bacon and placed it in a tin pan and, when the coals were hot, placed the pan on the grill to render the fat out of the bacon. After the bacon (which ended up being fantastic by the way, pick some up if you can find it) was crisped, I removed it, reserving the fat in the pan, and added the brussels sprouts, adding salt and freshly cracked pepper.

We removed the lamb from the marinade and generously salted and peppered both sides, greased the grill, and put them on to cook. After searing them for three minutes on each side, we removed them and let them rest on a platter.

The crispy bacon bits were then returned to the tin pan with the lightly browned sprouts, cooked for another minute, and removed. A few shavings of asiago cheese that we’d had in the fridge for a week or two finished it up.

The asparagus, which we’d tossed with Canola oil, salt and pepper, went onto the grill last, cooking for about three minutes.

Quite good.

I’m electronically challenged, and am going to figure out this whole blog thing as we go, so for now, I’m just going to put the pictures we’ve taken at the bottom of the page.

If anyone’s reading, we hope you enjoy.




bacon. again.


lamb. again.

asparagus! whoa! easy!

with bacon.

rested and ready to eat.

jenny’s (first) plate

2 thoughts on “Day One: Lamb, asparagus, brussels sprouts

  1. Ta maman qui t'aime says:

    I am so proud of you two: “Second City’s Dynamic Duo”! Who needs Gotham City with its puny little Batman and avian sidekick? The final photo of Jenny’s plate of food looks absolutely amazing.

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